Aggregate Resources Policy Framework

The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (NDMNRF) oversees the rules governing aggregate management; issues licences, permits and changes to existing approvals; inspects aggregate operations; responds to complaints; enforces compliance and ensures rehabilitation is carried out on sites.  Most of Ontario’s pits and quarries are regulated under the Aggregate Resources Act.

The Act was amended in May 2017 and in the fall of 2019 through the Omnibus Bill 132 referenced below. 

The industry is also governed by regulations, standards and policies that, together with the Act, form the framework of aggregate policy in Ontario.  With changes to the Act, also come changes to all the other instruments.  The NDMNRF has updated regulation 244/97, as well as some of the standards and policies which are available below. 

The Natural Resources Information Portal (NRIP) button in the left column will take you to NDMNRF's aggregates portal page.  There you will find links to the Act, Standards, Policy Manual and more.

OSSGA is working closely with NDMNRF to ensure that the views of the aggregate industry are understood as new policies are developed.

If you have any questions about the ARA and its impact on producers, please contact Norm Cheesman at

NDMNRF 2022 Production Levy Schedule

Please find a link to the 2022 levy schedule here.

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The following document is a compilation of four different standards adopted by O. Reg 244/97 under the Aggregate Resources Act:

- Site Plan Standards, August 2020

- Technical Reports and Information Standards, August 2020

- Amendment Standards, August 2020

- Circulation Standards, August 2020


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MHBC has kindly allowed us to share their summary of the amendments to the O.Reg 244/97 and the associated standards.


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