FAQ: What happens to timelines for new licence notification periods, filing Compliance Assessment Reports, etc.?

As at March 30th, OSSGA is in discussion with MNRF regarding these questions.  At the moment, we know that judiciary proceedings, like LPAT for example, have been put on 'pause'.  The indication is that the clock has stopped and will restart once business returns to normal.

With respect to other timelines, deadlines, compliance requirements -- we do not have firm answers yet, but have had discussions with MNRF and they are working through these issues.  

We will update you as soon as we have more information available.

FAQ: What is going with LPAT Hearings?

LPATS have been cancelled as follows – this information is from March 13

Please note the following directions of the Tribunal:

  • All appearance hearings that have been scheduled to commence or continue on or after Monday March 16th to Friday April 3rd will be adjourned and will be rescheduled at a later date. 
  • All scheduled teleconference calls will proceed as scheduled.
  • All case management conferences or in-person motion events that have been scheduled during this period: Monday March 16th to Friday April 3rd will either be adjourned, and rescheduled at a later date, or will be conducted by teleconference, when practical or appropriate.  Persons entitled to notice of these events will be advised by email on a case by case basis as to the call in details for the teleconference, if scheduled, or alternate directions.
  • The Tribunal will not schedule appearance hearings or case management conferences until further notice.
  • Lastly, any mediation events that have been scheduled during this period Monday March 16th to Friday April 3rd will be adjourned and will be rescheduled at a later date. 

These directions take effect as of Friday March 13th. We will advise our stakeholders of any further changes to our processes.  Administrative staff will be available to deal with written and telephone inquiries.

FAQ: How will New Licence Applications be affected?

OSSGA is currently compiling a list of questions for MNRF to consider with respect to how this situation will affect Licence Applications.

  • Open houses will not be able to take place
  • LPAT hearings will likely be cancelled
  • Municipalities are postponing council and committee meetings
  • Inspectors may not be able to do site visits (can MNRF confirm status of this)
  • Pre-consultations with MNRF and other agencies may not take place (this may prevent applications from even being submitted)

If you have a question in this regard, please email Sharon and she will add it to the list.