Delayed Commencement of Excess Soil Regulation (2020)

On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation (2019)

On December 4, 2019, MECP announced the new On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation (O.Reg 406/19) .

Excess Soil Management Policy Framework and Proposed Regulations

In 2016, MOECC released a proposed Excess Soil Management Policy Framework

In April 2017, the Ministry posted a revised excess soil management regulatory proposal EBR (No. 013-0299). Changes made to the proposal include a revised approach to waste designation, regulatory details moved to guidance, phased in transition time for key regulatory requirements, several of the proposed amendments to O.Reg 153/04 would come into effect sooner, and further flexibility with the Site Specific Beneficial Reuse Tool. 

OSSGA strongly supports sustainable excess soil management and believes that the new excess soil management regulatory proposal was generally in line with OSSGA’s vision of environmentally responsible resource use, however there were some concerns with the proposed regualations. OSSGA's June 2017 comments on MOECC's Excess Soil Regulatory Proposal (EBR 013-0299) can be found here. 

In April 2018, MOECC released a Revised Excess Soil Management Regulatory Proposal. OSSGA's June 2018 comments on MOECC's Revised Excess Soil Management Regulatory Proposal (EBR 013-0774) can be found here. 


OSSGA Policy Papers and Submissions