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Axle Weight Moratorium Update: MTO Measure Ups July 20, 2016
As a reminder, Phase 2 of the enforcement of axle weights by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will begin on August 1st, 2016. Click on article headline for more information and a list of MTO district enforcement offices.
Whitemans sub-watershed at Level 2 - Water conservation urged July 7, 2016
All water users in the Whitemans Creek sub-watershed in Brant and Oxford counties are being asked to further reduce their consumption by 20 per cent, because of very dry conditions in the area. Whitemans Creek, which has been in a Level 1 condition since Wednesday, June 29, has now been moved to a Level 2. The rest of the Grand River Watershed remains in a Level 1 condition.
MPAC Appeal July 7, 2016
OSSGA and MPAC have been working on a solution to the historic property tax appeals. Part of this discussion is a formula for the 2016 appeal cycle and assessments in the future. While there is no formal agreement as of yet, we are close to an agreement for how to move forward.
Axle Weights Update July 5, 2016
Phase 2 of the enforcement of axle weights by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will begin again on August 1st, 2016. As a reminder, there has been a moratorium since 2014 on the enforcement of axle weight issues as OSSGA and MTO develop a solution to the issue. Therefore, there have not been any charges laid at the inspection stations -- just warning tickets. This will change on August 1 as the moratorium ends. Phase 2 will run from Aug 1, 2016 –March 31, 2017 and will consist of new enforcement thresholds and a new interim axle weight charge and detain for correction level.
Acton Ontario’s first quarry certified by Cornerstone May 6, 2016
Not only is it one of the oldest quarries in Canada — with roots going back to the 1900s — the Acton quarry has become Ontario’s first quarry to be certified by the Cornerstone Standards Council.
Grand River watershed issues topic of workshop March 14, 2016
A workshop will be held next month to discuss issues confronting the Grand River watershed. The Grand River Watershed Stewardship Workshop will be held April 2, from 9 a.m. to noon, at St. Paul's United Church, 48 Broadway St. W., Paris. "We want people to have a sense of the whole watershed," said Peter Mogk of Grand Erie KAIROS, one of the organizing groups. "We want people to know and grow, There are plenty of issues that make stewardship complex, including the provincial government's Places to Grow, the Greenbelt, the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Six Nations land rights. "Each issue has many layers. We want to bring people together to achieve more recognition of those issues and their importance to stewardship in the watershed."
Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club dumps quarry plans — for now March 9, 2016
The Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club is putting talks about developing a gravel pit near Windy Lake on hold. The club has been talking with the Day Group for the past year about putting a gravel pit on club property — but many residents in the area are opposed to the idea. The president of the Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club said they came to the decision after a meeting with club executives Monday night.
Surplus land sales in the offing March 8, 2016
Anyone in the market for a no longer active gravel pit located in Tosorontio, is in luck. New Tecumseth owns one, and along with other surplus properties, it's destined for sale. Deputy mayor Jamie Smith won approval to direct staff to compile the list of properties the Town owns that could be sold off.
Residents of Windy Lake opposed to gravel pit in the area March 7, 2016
Plans for a gravel pit near Windy Lake are being met with opposition by residents in the area. The Day Group is proposing to put a gravel pit on property owned by the Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club. The land is beside the Windy Lake provincial park and is currently used as ski trails.
SASE Aggregate gravel pit expansion is moving along with Uxbridge council's approval February 12, 2016
After deferring the decision, the rezoning of land for a gravel pit expansion has been approved by council with a list of recommendations to reduce the pit's impact on local residents. The gravel pit expansion by SASE Aggregates Ltd. has been a contentious topic for council. Many residents living near the proposed site have attended several meetings regarding the pit and voiced their opposition to the expansion. Despite the opposition, council approved the rezoning with a list of stipulations and changes from the original application, including a reduction to the licensed area for extraction.

Fowler Safety Campaign

Fowler Construction conducted a two-week safety campaign in cottage country to help ensure the safety of its workers!  Listen here -- or hear!

Axle Weight Enforcement Update

The current moratorium on the enforcement of axle weight infractions is set to expire in the fall.


Enforcement of axle weights will begin again on September 30th. 

Phase 1 will run from Sept 30-April 1 and will only consist of warnings to offenders.OSSGA continues to drive for a resolution to this issue.  Most recently we attended an information session hosted by MTO on Aug 18th in Toronto were MTO detailed their plan to roll out enforcement and stated they plan to start a working group to discuss the axle weight issue. This working group is likely to begin meeting in October. OSSGA will be part of this working group and will help to develop a solution to the axle weight issue.

The Ontario Road Builders Association has created a chart on the incremental reductions and their implementation dates.  It can be found by clicking view.