Growth Plan Consultation Period June 16, 2020
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has released ERO # 019-1680 that opens a consultation period for changes to the Growth Plan. Most of these changes relate to the building and development industry, but there was also an amendment with respect to aggregate. The posting provides a 45-day comment period.


Axle Weights Update

July 5, 2016 at 3:42 PM

Phase 2 of the enforcement of axle weights by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will begin again on August 1st, 2016.  As a reminder, there has been a moratorium since 2014 on the enforcement of axle weight issues as OSSGA and MTO develop a solution to the issue.

Therefore, there have not been any charges laid at the inspection stations -- just warning tickets. This will change on August 1 as the moratorium ends.

Phase 2 will run from Aug 1, 2016 –March 31, 2017 and will consist of new enforcement thresholds and a new interim axle weight charge and detain for correction level. Charges will be issued and vehicles will be detained for correction when axle or gross weight exceeds the specified thresholds.  These new levels are detailed in the attached chart of enforcement. All configurations of trucks will be affected by these changes, so please review the chart to better understand how it will affect you specifically.

OSSGA continues to drive for a resolution to this issue and has been working with MTO for the past few years; we are hoping that we will be able to move forward with a solution in the near future. 

In anticipation of this change, OSSGA recommends that members take all necessary steps to prepare.  As always, the maintenance and calibration of load equalization systems remains vital.  Finally, trucks should have white sheets made up by the MTO to ensure accuracy when crossing the scales. 


Summary of Issues for Aggregate Shippers: 

Knowing what to load on a truck

  • Dependent on carrier to provide a document
  • It is vital that shippers understand all the variables before loading (SPIF, GVW, etc.)
  • Knowing what weight is achieved on the front-axle.

Data shows that little weight is transferred to the front steering axle on tractor semi-trailers.

  • Knowing whether the truck can load equalize properly


As August 1st approaches it is important to:

Communicate the change to the trucking community

  • Enforcement dates
  • Have drivers calibrate & do maintenance on load equalization systems.
  • Get proper “White Sheets” Gross Axle Weight (GAW) done by MTO
  • Adjust loading practice of put more weight to the front.
  • Better to evenly distribute load

If you have any questions please contact Mike Scott ( at OSSGA.