OSSGA Launches Gravel Vote 2018

February 22, 2018 at 2:28 PM

Join the conversation by engaging with candidates from across Ontario as we launch our campaign to educate elected officials on the importance of aggregate to the Ontario economy. Ontario’s aggregate industry contributes an estimated $1.6 billion of GDP to the economy of Ontario.  It supports 7,600 jobs directly – and more than 357,000 construction jobs in Ontario.  Public policy has a direct impact on the availability of high-quality, close-to-market aggregate.  Governments of all levels have committed to building desperately needed new roads, bridges, subways and waste systems. Election time provides an important opportunity to connect with candidates about the importance of aggregate to the economy and the future of Ontario.


Visit Gravel Vote 2018 to find out who your local candidates are (or will be), pick up key messages, suggested social media, links to polls and more.