OSSGA Meets with MECP to Discuss ECAs for Closed-Loop Aggregate Wash Systems

January 8, 2019 at 10:02 AM

On January 7, OSSGA and several members met with representatives from MECP’s Approval Services, Legal Services Branch and Program Service Units, to discuss ECAs for closed-loop aggregate wash systems. OSSGA provided an overview of low-risk aggregate wash operations and re-iterated our ask from our 2018 Red Tape submission – Addressing Duplication and Redundancy in the Aggregate Industry that ECAs should not be required for wash ponds utilizing a closed loop system for aggregate washing. Following the meeting, the Ministry agreed to work with OSSGA to better determine the level of assessment required for closed-loop systems, the possibility of self-assessment, possible exemptions, and the need for more direction regarding the application requirements.

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