The Government of Ontario Has Announced Bill 108 More Homes, More Choices Act, 2017

May 3, 2019 at 12:28 PM

An Act to amend various statutes with respect to housing, other development and various other matters.

Included in this Act are amendments to a number of statutes that are of interest to members of OSSGA:

  • Schedule 2 – Conservation Authorities Act
  • Schedule 5 – Endangered Species Act
  • Schedule 6 – Environmental Assessment Act
  • Schedule 7 – Environmental Protection Act
  • Schedule 9 – Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Act
  • Schedule 11 – Ontario Heritage Act
  • Schedule 12 – Planning Act

Read Bill 108 here.

Also announced on May 2nd were changes to the Growth Plan

On the Environmental Registry of Ontario, Proposed Modifications to O. Reg. 311/06 (Transitional Matters - Growth Plans) was posted with a response deadline of June 1, 2019.  This notice is available here.

It appears that many of the changes put forward in Bill 108 are amendments that are also currently being reviewed by active ERO postings. 

OSSGA is working with various committees to compare what’s included in the Bill with proposed changes we are already analysing – and to determine the impacts of these proposed changes.

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