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2022 Aggregate Production Levy Schedule

January 27, 2022 at 2:05 PM

NDMNRF has posted the 2021 production schedule fees.

Annual aggregate fees and royalties

The Aggregate Resources Act and its regulations require aggregate operators to pay fees related to the extraction of aggregate materials. Aggregate licence and permit holders must pay an annual fee. Some annual fees are shared.

Royalties are paid to the Crown for use of Crown-owned aggregate.

Annual adjustment

Fees and royalties will be adjusted annually to account for inflation, in accordance with Regulation 244/97. This adjustment will follow the Ontario Consumer Price Index. The ministry will post the adjusted fees and royalties before January 1st of every year.

Fee and royalty rates

Fees and royalties will be charged as follows:

Where do fees go?

Fees collected from licences, wayside permits and aggregate permits will be distributed approximately as follows:

  • 3% to the Aggregate Resources Trust for rehabilitation and research
  • 61% to the local municipality in which the site is located
  • 15% to the upper-tier municipality in which the site is located
  • 21% to the Crown (minimum)


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